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Tips for Purchasing the Right Type and Fit of Knee Supports and Braces Tags: mueller braces supports

Mueller braces and supports for the knees should be chosen after consultation with a doctor and perhaps a physical therapist. The devices can be very effective for stabilizing the knee, restricting its movement and reducing pain. Some increase blood flow to the area through compression and keeps this part of the leg warmer. There are many different styles designed for different purposes. In addition, the patient wants to be sure to get equipment that fits well, making it comfortable and secure.

It's essential to purchase the correct size because otherwise the device will not be as effective and it may feel uncomfortable. Measurements generally are taken of the widest part of the knee, the center of the knee, and of the kneecap. Most hard braces and elastic devices have an opening in the front to avoid putting pressure on the kneecap.


These knee braces and supports are useful for all sorts of problems, such as osteoarthritis, recovery after surgery, and patellofemoral syndrome, commonly called runner's knee. After an injury, a knee brace from a supplier like such as Mueller Sports Medicine is only part of the program for rehabilitation. Experts usually recommend combining a course of physical therapy with the initial wearing of the brace so patients can practice specific beneficial exercises.

Mueller braces

Physical Therapy

The goal in physical therapy is to strengthen the knee joint and make it more flexible while also strengthening the hip joint, thighs and calves. The therapists also teach their patients improved techniques for their athletic pursuits and other activities. Someone who stands at an assembly line throughout the workday, for example, can benefit from varying posture and bending the knees to prevent stiffness.

Physical therapists also strongly encourage overweight patients to shed those excess pounds, since the weight puts pressure on the knee joints.

Confirming the Effectiveness

If someone feels skeptical that these devices actually work, this person only needs to look at all the pro athletes wearing them. Players in basketball, football and other sports wear them to prevent knee injuries, to stabilize the joint after an injury, and to reduce pain while playing. These individuals put a lot of demand on their knees, being forced to twist, pivot, jump and land. Football players are constantly at risk of being injured during a tackle. Many people wear their knee brace every time they exercise or when they go to work if their job requires a great deal of standing, walking or knee bending.


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